REGARDING BOOK (GHOST TRAIN NO EXITS) By Michael Blackhall - Author:



It has been a rough ride for everyone since Covid-19 Pandemic. I'm hoping that the publishing company has survived and kept my investments in check.
As previously mentioned, in last conversation prior covid, I mentioned that my support system and network was quite disappointed with the work that editors and associates have done with the process of my book interior development and their editing advice management.
My council was to seek for a different publisher, but realizing that; that's going to be a great issue, where I am not in the position for giving that much single handed attention to disputes, however a resolution with them is what I am seeking, and as funds has already paid up.
My purpose for the book was to be the forerunner of 3 live and in-theatre Broadway musicals, if not the off-broadway. I have plans for producing, which should help to boost my clientele to my phase-5 of 6-phase business development.
However, and since the entertainment and travel industry sectors were stalled, eventually temporarily shut down being hit the hardest, so were my plans for launching my book during bad times not suited for entertainment nor for travel industries, which then affected my projects for those sectors.
As an alternative, I have placed my book publication on hold (as phase-3), and so then; fast forward to create phase-4 website/online affiliate earning agency, <> of my 6-phase projects, which includes six websites currently active.
As an upgrade to those six websites, I have also recently been approved by Amazon with an Amazon-Central Pro-Seller account <>, which is now a great milestone worth celebrating, however we are still not there as yet, as there is still lots to learn and to load up the Amazon account with products from Shopify ecommerce account <> and a bunch more to-doos. While we have access to 2-Million products, we are currently just over 8000 gradually increasing.
Moving along progressively, productively, we seeking several Key Personnel (KP) as directors, managing positions for handling in the various sectors, divisions of the corporation, especially in online offline marketing.
Part of our development, we are encouraging local people/affiliate members to sign up with our corporation as writers <> in any capacity, there'll be help for promoting them their talents. We have placed  links on our E-Commerce website as above for that purpose. And should this publishing company have a plan in place for such affiliate progress for publishing our short stories we'd most likely to add those services.
Moving forward, In some time, the rewrite to existing manuscript will divide into 3-4 shorter stories, since much of editing done by editors has excluded most of the contents that were meant for the storey while streamlining to suit just one book.
So the above contents are the foregoing plans for CK-KUYA book and writing venture. It will be 2022 by the time manuscript will be ready to resubmit the reworked manuscripts.
Michael Blackhall / Author.
September 15, 2021