Introduction/General Contents:


Michael A. Blackhall, Author


This is a depiction of the fictional ghost story of the character CK Kuya from the story Ghost Train No Exits. This story is covering a segment of her life before her body died and after, even many years after her death.


(Relative and Relatable)
This introduction serves to provide a source of preview information to the readers and to help with pulling one through some of the hard comments to question that one will come upon where there will be questions pending.

On many of pages, the contents will be found to be relative, and relatable to most readers, however; questionable to others as the case may be.


While in most cases, relatable to previous thoughts of things never understood before, and where one might have had those feelings that were constantly lingering; however never understood. This may now be received as a confirmation in some or most of those cases.

(Hopefully Making the Read Interesting, Intuitive, & For Fun)

It provides insightful options on life, otherwise, the flipsides on how our realities may be viewed differently, that, should you set this book down, you will be left with a thirsty longing, and a desire of wanting for more. But if not, for certain a wondering of; “where did this guy get these ideas?”


During the course of writing, the intent was to present the book and contents as having that power of just pulling you right back inside for more of its contents, intended to be interesting, intuitive and fascinating.



(The Analogies)

It is written that before the worlds were created, that, there was a council assembly (The Collective), and God said, "Let us create..."


1st: Again, it is written that: "You are {gods} and children of the Most-Highest God."

2nd: Then again, in a later setting: The Master then said: "Haven't I said, you are {Gods}:

Notice that; there is no apostrophe before the 's' thus suggesting plurality rather than ownership by the english language tense.

 (Collective Resolutions)

And so; children-gods are we all, and we should follow the examples of God, that when we are about to seek an outcome, that was for the benefit of all people, it must therefore include doing all things collectively, for the sake of solidarity, cementing and by a welding cohesion, thereby resulting in a more permanent and binding effect.



In our separate family units, whenever things are being done outside of the unity, that oneness as a family-inclusive (i.e. collectively), and without the confidence that all deciding members are in agreement, it is seen that; where the singleness of a mindset persists, it is often that the bonds and the strength must inevitably become weak. Thus, is more than likely to cause a separation, that severs the once strong, and riveted relationship that had existed.




(The Project Itself)

The CK Kuya Project has endeavored to start up various projects, whereby we may begin to teach; beyond the giving and receiving of those in need.


Thus, it becomes everyone's opportunity to join in and participate, that we must do this in; and by the examples that TGOD (the great one of deity), and The Collectives of heaven; has created the worlds without end by a oneness of mind, which is what we need to emulate.


When said by TGOD, and the Most-High to The collective; "Let us..." and they did, and it was good!


It was for those reasons, for the poor and the needing, that CK Kuya came by a Gut-Feeling and saying, “That it is not enough.” That for the very reason it is found in the lyrics of the SONG; "In My Secret Life" by; Leonard Cohen; given also by his Gut-Feelings.

  • "Looked through the (news) paper, makes you want to cry, nobody cares if the people live or die!" 

Thus, it further leads back to the devil, stating that.

  • "And the dealer (the devil) wants you thinking that it's either black or white. Thank God it's not that simple...."



(Creating a Difference)

It may seem like a long way before we are able to see the significance of these quests coming to light, while still many will continue to be killed, therefore; we must assume the attitude of; JUMP ON IT NOW! That the duration of time maybe sooner than later.



It is time for us to make the real difference that most certainly going to feed and clothes the people, and their loved ones for life rather than just for a night or few.


(But What If)

I have made the distinction concerning what is fictional or truth, and have confessed, that all of these thoughts, feelings, and my writings were mostly made-up, or was the way my gut-felt, and which are all spiritual, nonetheless.


But then again! Keep your eyes peeled, because you might find that; much of all this information to be quite relative, relatable, and possibly the exact ways that have been your thoughts, which may have been for many of years, and which are, or could be what the realities really are.



It has been stated in much of this book, that each person was already given mentally to your own personal library, and you will recognize truth when it is presented to you. All that each person needs to be aware of; is that of developing faith and belief.

You will know what the truth is and, "The truth does make you free!" Free to choose without someone’s attempts to persuade.


(No Perfect Knowledge)

From the numerous sources information drawn for this fictional story, it is perceived and implied that; once the spirit of an individual human body has exited from the deceased body or what was the specific host for that specific spirit (and for lack of an exact or proper word, whether it being confirmable, or not), that spirit does so continues to exist within a parallel zone, or universe.

Some have referred to this parallel zone as being the "Spirit World," "Purgatory," or "Limbo," and other names such as; "The Phantom Zone," depending on one’s culture.

But it is for certain that “Spirits do not die, however can have a rebirth.

  • (Hence the statement; {Spirit} Must be Born Again).


  • How else can it be made possible to; "Be you perfect Even As..." to become knowledgable of knowing all things "Even As..."

There have been too many people killing and yet; one does not realize that;

  • One may so kill the human body (HB), but not able to kill the spirit (soul) that was housed in that HB. The spirit remain unharmed!
  • However; the murderers falls into danger of judgement of their spirits that is more so harmed than the human body they have killed.


However and indubitably stating here that, “It is not many (if any) who truly have or had any perfect knowledge, tangible, or confirmable information as to exactly what happens, or takes place there where spirits goes after the body dies, whether truly exist or not, it remains as an unknown, unpublished information cloaked for we can only see those things as though looking through a stained glass and is only by one’s own personal faith, that one even believe to the extent of what are being seen, perceived or observed.

(Cultural to a Name)
FYI: In speaking Jamaican patois; Kuya: means to look, inquire, observe, expression of surprise, wow!
Explore, learn, absorb, or to become informed.

(b) However, a few months after I began writing and using those names, I learned that in another culture, “KUYA” means kinship of another older male person, whereas; of that, I had no idea.

(c) Had I thought about the kinship of my novel character, CK Kuya, I probably would have named her "my Ate" instead. It's a name used in the Philippines in reference to an older female relative.

(d) Also, as I write, I came to realized that CK was pregnant by about seven (7)-months and should have delivered a male child by sometime early in 1950 and be about 1 year older than me. Hence my Kuya.


(e) I also found it to be really random, that in Toronto, North York, where I mostly drive for Uber, that of the 400+ riders who requested a copy of this book many out of that number are from the Philippines. Many are my Kuya and Ate, and many refers to me as “Brother.” Then I would respond to them “Magandang: umaga, hapon, or Gabi.” Otherwise; "Mag-Ingat Opo!"

(Subconsciously Perhaps)
Having reviewed these things, & my thoughts (after I have written them), I realized that I never really gave any prior thoughts, before writing them.


According to my story, CK might very well have attached the spirit of her unborn son on me; when there was a devastating hurricane that hit Jamaica, and when I was still newborn in 1951,  while she (by her spirit) was there helping a lot of people as by the Supernatural, and Angelic manifestation.

I put 2+2 together, I feel that; she has been visiting me for all those years, perhaps because of her son’s spirit in me. Hence my Kuya! Yea! Really CraaZee thoughts I know! Hence Fictional!

While all this may be, or could be very true, I have no perfect knowledge here, and it remains a fictional story. However, you the readers will be able to help me decide on what could be true, or still remaining as a fictional story. I invite you to put your 2 & 2 together as well, see what you come up with? Please do!

This story is being written as a series and inviting others and all of our readers to join in and write a paragraph or chapters for publishing further on the CK Kuya story.

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(Hence My Gut-Feelings (GF))
Before her disappearance and unconfirmed death, Bo; her fiancé had given a birthday gift to her on their first real date, which was a golden broach, made with her initials being "CK" which she wore perhaps every day.

After her assumed death, whenever she crosses over to this side of mortality, her broach now seen and reads as backward letters.

Notwithstanding, this was also drafted and produced from a sense of personal awareness, as well as other published information along with thoughts of my own, which I have input for enhancement, to hopefully make this story interesting and worth the reading time of my readers. HENCE; THESE ARE ALL FROM MY Gut-Feelings (GF)!

This GTNE story, was not meant as an attempt to convince, nor preach to anyone. None of the books in the forthcoming CK Kuya series will represent any one particular nation of people, religion, culture, language, gender, personal orientation or others. In reality, these stories are really from random inspirations, ideas that came along, or simply made-up in the moment.


While much of these contents are true, others were inspired by many true events and spiritual derivative. I use the word; ‘Spiritual;’ because, we’re all spirit first and came here to learn how to manipulate the physical things. To create something, because we were all given the special gift of creation meant for practicing in this life.


For the rest, I personally don’t exactly know for certain, or exactly from what source all were derived, except by my gut-feeling, which is, and still remain as spiritual.


Since we are all sentient beings and was born with the gift of understanding, and a sense of detecting by your spirit when some things are true or not, it is recommended that one must resort to those senses and judge to understand if any of these things means well to one’s self.


Therefore, I simply continued with the writing as it all flows out, page after page until: The End. Hence all are Fictional!



This story of CK Kuya and her ‘Ghost Train No Exits,’ was intended to form the foundation for a series of books that are to be based on an assumed relationship with CK, had you met and became acquainted with her.


There are many persons with the gift of writing, but too many people with this gift do not write, and even if they wrote a story it never got published as it cost too much to publish a novel. Even if those books made it to be published, they never got sold or read.

From the Home page menu item RITRs club <>, you can subscribe and opt-in by register to be one of our co-authors to write a CK Kuya story and chapters, had you met her.


CK Kuya has shown me many ways on how numerous others can be helped:

  • To be helpful unto others plight,
  • To inspire a lot of people in the ways that I can,
  • To motivate in good works and goodwill,
  • To help those with certain talents and personal gifts,
  • To guide them along the path which they should be traveling,
  • To help others realize their gift as creators,
  • To fulfil in their calling whereby they are able to see things as they are,
  • To create the platform and an online community for inviting others,
  • To source earnings and provide where others lack,
  • Perhaps, for the first time a company is willing to hire people (in a self-employed status) who is disable (blind, deaf, mute, with any disablement), assigning them a personal website, and their sole job is to wear a T-shirt as the job itself.


To this end, this e-Commerce Online Store has been created for this CK-KUYA PROJECT 8020, for the purpose of sourcing income to those in need, anyone, and everyone who are seeking work, seeking earnings, anyone desire to earn for a project, fundraising for personal desires, community renovations, or charitable.

Anyone of our affiliates who chose to pay their commission earning or part of, to any donation they have chosen, CK-Kuya Project will also match their total donation to that said fundraising project.




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