Classified Opportunities



After COVID-19 Pandemic, people in the world over will be job hunting having lost an estimated 20% of SME & local businesses.

How are we prepared to help?

CK-Kuya Project (CK-KP) HIRING NOW:

Opportunities for Self-employment [independent contractors] in most sectors.

We have sourced many areas that you can choose from or to signUp to; where you can earn significant compensation by commission income. See a list available: Click to use this Access!


Opt-In Now!

Opt-in now is available for the following Promotional Representatives

(PR) (Sales) or Service work.

These jobs are as full-time as you wish to make it in in your business opportunity. Consider yourselves as in your own business, as we are prepared to give 1 free -profit share of the company to every person who register and meet the mandatory protocols of the various levels available to everyone.

  • Online/offline Promotional/Sales Rep and CK-KP Associates/Affiliates.
  • Opt-in to our affiliate program for extra earnings, "Everyone Can!"
  • Representative may select any 3-groups of product in any category from our list of products to represent in their various divisions, applicable in your various area of skills and regions.
  • Each representative will be granted their personal/individual website where they have access to all product categories available across our organization to promote and earn from all divisions across our network.


CK-KP have provided our own Social media platform where all our associates/affiliates may freely advertise in this community, where all affiliates may purchase from each other's store.



[Self-employed/Independent Contractors/Agents/XTravel Advisors]


NOW HIRING:<Classified ads>

  1. Website Developers,
  2. Marketing Professionals
  3. Event Planners
  4. XTravel Advisors
  5. Promotional Reps [for: In-field, Online/offline],


When Hired

[Independent Promotional Reps {PR}]

Work online or offline, Base earning starts at the Ontario, Canadian minimum wage:

  1. Earnings/compensation is equivalent to sales input-output [Faq info],
  2. Plus (+) 4% holiday pay,
  3. Plus (+) paid minimum cellphone data-plan,
  4. Plus (+) Opt-in to Group RRSP contributions (after 1-year),
  5. Plus other benefits optional for affiliates to opt-in per affiliates' preferences.


Independent PR with Own Physical Storefront

Your Small Store or Business; we can set up as a Reseller in your community, even for products you do not need to stock in your physical store. Start an inquiry by registering to create an account. We will include in our marketing and provide you with a free website that mentions your store information. Leads & Inquiries we receive get forwarded to your email and you can respond directly to your clients.



    Resourceful Entities:

    [Employment Agencies, Personnel hunters, Executive Recruiter, Recruitment Agents, Talent Agents, All social clubs, all the various rehabilitation clinics or groups and charity companies] are all welcome to participate.


     BAWT.Inc & CK-Kuya Project (CK-KP)   


    The Associated Websites, FREE WEBSITE to all over 16.

    [HTTPS://],||(1),|| (2),|| (3), || (4), || (5) All SignUp, || (6) <> [Social media], Along with some 25+ Apps working in the background that are linked together as one company.