Gifts and Classified


Our endeavour is to constantly 'seek out SME companies,' who have lost business and maybe considering to lay off to reduce their staff count, in order to better manage their budget. By our 'Wear Yourself' brand of T-shirts, we can help with our 'Gifting' policy.
  • We give one free T-shirt to each new Affiliate, who has signed up and purchase one T-shirt to participate in our Affiliate program.
  • Every customer is considered an affiliate to earn commissions from sales sent to our store after the first order is confirmed as paid.
  • After an initial sale and by our policy, a customer may sign up to win in one of our monthly CK-Kuya Take Your Turn (CKK-TYT) RAFFLES after qualifying each month for twelve months and could win our gift from $10K to $40K per raffle.
  • After a confirmed or referred sale, or by voluntary contributions; qualifies a customer/client and may sign up to win our Sweepstakes that will be played after 100-qualified sales, where one in one-hundred people does win to receive 100% of their purchase that was delivered to a USA address besides Fl. & NY.
  • By our Affiliate marketing, we provide sales and promotional self-employment to all who qualify after an application is submitted.
  • CLICK one of the images below that you are interested in to apply, and Click Here to 'Continue Shopping.