About CK-Kuya

According to the fictional novel [Ghost Train No Exits], by the author: Michael A. Blackhall, the main character who is; 'CK Kuya,' was a young lady believed to have lived between 1932 - 1950, whom this website title was named after, and whom the author came to believe was a not so distant relative; and a niece of the author's grandfather <Mr. John Blackhall, Sr.>, who was born in 1893-1978) also; CK Kuya, a daughter of Mr. Blackhall, Sr's. sister and only known sibling.


According to the novel, "CK-Kuya was passionate about quilted apparel designs."

AINCIENT: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> MODERN:

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While at a party, her new fiancé who was Boise Jangles, at first sight; he declared that, "IF ONLY BY A PICTURE, HE WOULD WEAR HER ON HIS CHEST, EVERY SHIRT THAT HE WEARS."

Hence our brand of: "Wear Yourself T-shirts!"

The Novel: Ghost Train No Exits (GTNE)


Ghost Train No Exits is expecting to be published during late year 2021.

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