Charity & Donation

Charity & Donation


If you’ve never made contributions to SBMA or other charities, this Affiliate Program can give you opportunities to do so. <> will help you double any amount you contribute by matching exactly what you’ve paid out from your commissions earned.

When all members come together and work collectively, your Charity organization will be able to cover more areas and more projects accomplished.

At <> you get to contribute without having to do so from your primary employment income, but from commissions earned where you did not have to go out to work each day.

This project was organized; TO HELP RECTIFY THE LACK OF JOBS! When you don't have it we help you create it! No one can say anymore that they have nothing to sell. We'll give you a FREE PERSONALIZED e-COMMERCE WEBSITE, fully marketed with any products in any trade or category you like to advertise.

Do you have any questions please ask we'll update you?, or email to;

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