Christmas Newsletter 2020




Seasons Greetings my family and friends, it seems hard to fathom that Christmas is just a few more hours away. I am giving thanks for our spared lives and very happy that we have shared life and love with those who have since passed. Oh how we loved them!

For three years I have worked tirelessly to create a legacy for families and all others may benefit, whether it is appreciated or not is unimportant when done from the heart.

I still have lots of changes to make, much fine tuning to do on the website, but the shop is open [Please bear with me on this].

May you take hold of this, make something of it and share it with family members, friends and to some who are in need of work and earnings. I encourage you to accept my free gift to your benefit, or share to someone else. As I am the merchant, I set the products price reasonable and when you shop from your own weblink I give to you, you will earn 15% commission from shopping from your own store-link.

Sign up with your email at the website asap. You will also earn 15% each time other people purchase from your link.

God bless you with a bright and merry Christmas, with great blessings of recovery in the coming years. From my home to yours!

Michael Blackhall.



And by an analogy I write concerning a lowly man, a very rich man, even Royalty and King rich, yet he slept in the parks, on the ground, at the waysides with a stone for a pillow.

Why do you do these things?

When asked, He responded, "The foxes have holes, birds each have their nests...!" Again he was asked after a comment saying, we think you have power to destroy our abusers and enemies, but why don't you? “I came to show a way and that of saving not to destroy!" Said he.”

Why do you mingle and rest with those people?

Some who knew of this lowly man did ask. Thus he responded saying, “It is not the healthy who need the doctor, but those who are ill... It is for these same people called sinners that I am to give comfort, rest and more. But how are men meant to be?” He asked. “Even as I am!”


We are all creators and I was given a task to create something [EASY] for those who are homeless, beggars, poverty, way seeker, jobless, illiterate, all those with all forms of disablement.

What I have started is primarily for those who are here mentioned, but that the rich may see my good work and lend a hand to rescue the perishing and even to lift up the fallen. 

My work is for bringing assistance to all forms of charity work and for small businesses that are about to lay off workers and to render them jobless. This is a means where every person of age can earn and "Where Everyone Can."